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Some of the surveying services we offer are:

Advice on Boundaries, Land Transfers and Land Registry Compliant Plans

If you are in dispute with your neighbour over the position of the boundary between your properties, we can assist but you should normally discuss any dispute with your solicitor first.  

We have access to the Land Registry and Ordnance Survey digital data and we can carry out a site survey, consult your deed plans and assist in determining the correct boundary position. 

In some instances, however, despite using the latest technology, it may not be possible for us to determine the true boundary, which may end up having to be decided by a Court or other Judicial body.

We can prepare HM Land Registry compliant plans for transfers, or if you simply want to regularise your boundary.  To do this, we usually download the digital Land Registry and Ordnance Survey data, examine your Deed plans, survey the land and produce the necessary drawings.

Reports on Specific Defects in Buildings 

We are able to offer advice most defects found in residential, including those often reported by a mortgage valuer, such as bowed/leaning walls, sagging roofs, cracking and subsidence. We give such advice in the form of a Specific Defects Report or Specific Issues Report.

Desk Top Studies / Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRA)

Many parts of the Country are located on or near coal outcrops, possible or actual shallow mine workings, former mine entries, such as shafts or adits.  Development in those areas usually requires a Desk Top Study or Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) to interpret old mining records, assess the likely effects of the coal mining legacy on future development and recommend suitable foundations or further investigation.  We can provide that service.

Other customers often require advice on former mine entries, such as shafts or adits within or close to their property.  We are able to obtain such records as are available from the Coal Authority, on their behalf, and provide an in-depth report.

Just email us your drawings in PDF format and we will provide you with a quotation.

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